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Transforming Lives in Colombo

Explore the heart of Colombo, the vibrant capital of Sri Lanka, and uncover the realities of life in its diverse neighborhoods. This video section takes you on a journey through the slums of Colombo, where individuals brave life on as little as $1 a day. Discover the Warehouse Project, a beacon of change in these communities, providing crucial amenities like toilets and kitchens, and offering a haven for transformation. Witness the resilience of families living in one-room wooden houses, sharing not just their homes but their dreams.

Dive into the heartwarming Community Kitchen Program, a lifeline for mothers and the elderly, ensuring they receive essential protein-rich meals. Experience the power of art as the Warehouse Project bridges cultural divides, bringing children together through art, theater, drama, and music. Witness the exchange of cultural values and stories that kindle a shared understanding.

Step into the realm of economic empowerment with the Microfinance Scheme, where small businesses in the slums are given wings to soar. Meet inspiring entrepreneurs like Mr. de Silva, whose dreams are realized through loans that ignite growth and improve their quality of life

What we do at the Warehouse Project

A community centre in Maradana, Colombo Sri Lanka, that is here to bridge the gap. We run many programs through Warehouse Project, EAT, LEARN, LIVE, BORDERLESS...You will find out more about these programs in the video.

A huge Thank you to Maya Bastian for filming and putting this video together for us, Maya dedicated her talent and time to make this video in the spirit on which Warehouse Project is based, people giving their time, skills, and know-how to make a positive change in their community!

The Power of

Volunteer Awards

Join us in this insightful video as we delve into the world of volunteer awards, their significance, and the remarkable impact they have on communities. From recognizing unsung heroes to empowering individuals, discover how volunteerism shapes nations post-war and inspires positive change. Learn about the formation of the National Steering Committee for IYV Plus10 and meet Kirby de Lanerolle, a driving force behind the initiative. Explore the selection process for V Awards judges and meet the distinguished brand ambassadors. Dive into the inclusive application process and understand the government's role in fostering volunteerism. Discover the inspiring projects, witness the selection process, and mark your calendar for the grand ceremony. Embrace the essence of volunteerism, and join us in celebrating those who make a difference. Nominate deserving individuals and be a part of the change! Visit the website for more information and download application forms. Together, let's ignite the spirit of giving back and building stronger, empowered communities.

The Warehouse Project
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